Baby Cuddles

I just love this picture. It isn't very often that Rachel will lie down and cuddle with me anymore. She likes to nap but only in her crib. To her, if she isn't in her crib then it must not be nap time and therefore it's "toddle time". As a toddler, she has a full agenda each day of emptying the contents of any cabinets she walks past, opening the top drawer of the desk and getting my file folder labels and sticking them all over herself, and, of course, spinning the toilet paper holder until all of the toilet paper is in a pile on the floor. Yes, her days are full and she doesn't have time to lie down with Mama anymore.

As usual, on this day I was exhausted (probably from cleaning up after said activities) and I wanted to take a nap. I tried to get her to lie down on our bed with me so we could nap together but it was just too exciting to be up on the bed with Mama. She crawled around laughing, moving the pillows around, and trying to touch the pictures on the wall. I let her get the wiggles out and, with much coaxing, finally got her to get still and lie down with me. It wasn't long before we were both fast asleep.

Thank you Daddy for capturing this picture. I don't get many moments of baby cuddling like this anymore and this picture really just melts my heart.

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