Diapers, Can't Live Without Them

The other day I had to go to the store for the sole purpose of buying diapers. As I was carrying Rachel in the store, I was thinking about how much money we spend on diapers and how I hate having to take her out in the cold just to buy more of them. It's something we can't live without right now but what a pain! And honestly, I'm getting kind of tired of changing diapers all the time. How young can we start potty training?

Then I noticed an elderly woman walking out of the store with a box of Poise bladder control protection for adults. It hit me like a ton of bricks. You spend the early part of your life in diapers and having someone clean you up all the time. Then you grow up and you spend your days endlessly changing icky diapers. Next thing you know, you are old and you are back in diapers again because you just can't hold it in anymore. Isn't that just depressing?

Rachel doesn't have an issue with diapers. She conquered her pile of diapers today, literally. She has discovered what fun it can be to climb into the drawer where I store her diapers and wipes.

I love this video. Rachel is really talking to me. I'm clueless about what she is trying to say but it sure sounds important.

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