Add A Little Fun To Your Meals

Nicholas loves it when we eat dinner in the living room. Gasp! Yes, we sometimes eat dinner in the living room while watching TV. Bad parent of the year award, I know. But is there really a better way to eat pizza on a family movie night?

When we eat at the coffee table, Nicholas likes to be in charge of getting out coasters for our drinks. We have two different sets of coasters. He will pick out specific ones for each of us, different ones each time. Sometimes he just picks out ones he likes. Other times he says that certain ones are magic and give us special powers.

I recently printed some pictures from Snapfish and they offered me a free set of custom printed coasters. I couldn't resist! Since we often use the coasters while eating, I picked out 6 pictures of Nicholas eating.

The coasters arrived quickly and I told Nicholas that I had a surprise for him. He couldn't wait to open his package. He had several guesses about what I had gotten for him but oddly enough a set of coasters never crossed his mind. Needless to say, Nicholas was thrilled to see his own picture on our new set of coasters!

1 comment:

  1. Now THAT is a cute idea...picture of him eating on the coasters? Awesome!!!

    We eat lots of meals in the living room together :) So you're not alone...sounds like we probably do it more than you do...he he he