V-day Party

Because of the snow days last week, Nicholas' class had to reschedule their Valentine's Day party to today. I love going to the school during the day whether it's for a class party or just to have lunch in the cafeteria with my little guy. I just want to be a part of his school and get involved however I can. His class room is especially fun because I always like to look at the interesting work that they have been doing in class. And the room is so well decorated and organized that I'm always looking for tips that I can use.

The party was nice. My neighbor offered to watch Rachel for me so I could fully participate at the party. That was so nice! At the party, there was great snacks and heart shaped cookies. Nicholas made a special valentine just for me.

They played a Valentines themed bingo game.

Nicholas was especially excited to go through his Valentine card collection box to see all of the goodies that his friends had given him. I remember that excitement too when I was little. All of the cute little cards with lollipops attached. Fun fun!

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