Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

He's recently learned how to play poker and he's quite good at it. He's trying to teach me but I still need some help with strategizing. I hate to fold once I've got chips on the table and it's my downfall in the end. To have a little fun, I ordered his cake with a poker theme - poker chips and playing cards. I got it at Delicious Cakes in Southlake. It's chocolate turtle flavored - very rich and oh, so good!

I had planned to put a candle on the cake for each year but Stuart opted for a simple, single candle. I was glad because that would have been a lot of candles :)

We sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and then dug into some cake.

Stuart got some camera gear and a DVD for his birthday. But I think his best present of all came at the end of the Superbowl when our New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts, 31 - 17!

We had our own fun little Superbowl party at home complete with Saints cookies.

Rachel was really cute. She wanted to put the cookie down on the table but before she did, she grabbed a paper towel that was on the table but hadn't been used. She put the paper towel in front of her and then she put the cookie down. That's my little germ-a-phobe!

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