New Snowfall Record for DFW

From the Dallas Morning News: "The area's official snow total, measured at DFW Airport, is 12.5 inches -- the most snow ever in a 24 hour period. And on Thursday alone, we got 11.2 inches, which is a new record for a single calendar day. The storm has also pushed this winter to the second snowiest on record."

This was what we woke up to.

Of course we've spent most of the day in the snow. And Rachel still didn't want to wear her gloves!

Nicholas and Daddy made a robot snowman with Tinker Toys.

Rachel took several breaks to warm up inside. She wanted to be inside but as soon as we got in she wanted to go back out. I just love these pictures with a forlorn expression on her face.

Nicholas, on the other hand, never seemed to need a break. I think he could have stayed outside all day if we had let him.

Unfortunately, the fort's roof wasn't nearly as tough. The weight of the snow tore the edge of the tarp.

Rachel got her second wind.


Daddy made a snow tunnel for the children to crawl through.

He also made an igloo for Nicholas.

Nicholas decided that he wanted to be closed up in the igloo so he could "bust out". So Daddy completed all sides of the igloos with Nicholas inside.

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