Hanging Out In The Toy Box

I keep a little bin in our bedroom that's full of toys for Rachel. I usually pull it out for her in the mornings when I'm about to get a shower. Alas, that doesn't work because she would much rather attack the toilet paper roll while I'm in the shower. Why does she only go after the toilet paper when I'm in the shower? I digress. Rachel likes to dump out all of the toys in her bin. I guess she does this so she can see everything better. Lately, she has discovered what fun it is to climb into said bin.

Here she's giving Eeyore some love.

Oh, Eeyore must be sad about something. Rachel is holding him close (even if he is upside down) while patting his back and making her sad face.

Rachel says, "Excuse me (while dumping Eeyore over the side of the toy bin), I've got to take this call."

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