What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Nicholas spends time every day building things. He builds with Legos and he builds with a set of Tinker Toys Uncle Steve gave him when he was 2 or 3 years old. He loves to build. He makes all types of things. Yesterday he was using his black Legos to build a haunted house and a bat. Sometimes he makes animals. Sometimes he gets really creative like the other day when he made the Food Maker 3000 out of Tinker Toys. If you know Star Trek pretty well, then I'll say it's just like a replicator. You tell it what you want to eat, how warm or cold, and voila! Instant meal. But what Nicholas enjoys building most of all are space ships. He has said that he when he grows up he wants to work for NASA building space ships.

Nicholas also is very interested in astronomy and he wants to go to the moon. He often says that he wants to be an astronaut.

He has also recently started talking about wanting to be a rescue helicopter pilot. He loves his Rescue Hero toys. We recently found a used rescue helicopter toy at a consignment sale. It was really cool looking with double rotors and it even had lights and sound. One of the rotors didn't spin but Nicholas said that it was the coolest toy he has EVER seen.

So today I asked Nicholas what he would want to be when he grows up...a space ship builder, an astronaut, or a rescue helicopter pilot. He thought for a moment and said, "I want to be a rescue helicopter pilot but I might take a little vacation and go to the moon. You know, just a short little trip for a weekend."

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