The Most Adorable Baby Bumblebee Ever

Isn't this the most adorable baby bumblebee you've ever seen? Even the picture of the angry baby bumblebee is super cute!

I got this bumblebee costume for Rachel last year just before she was born. She was born in October 20th and I wanted to have a cute costume for her to wear on Halloween.

Stuart took Nicholas trick-or-treating while Rachel and I sat on the front steps handing out candy. Rachel wore her bumblebee costume and slept in my arms the whole time. Everyone loved seeing the baby bumblebee.

I was recently putting together some of Rachel's clothes to give away to a friend of mine and I found the bumblebee costume. Before giving it away, I wanted to get one more set of pictures of her in it. Thanks to Stuart Chance Photography I have pictures of the most adorable baby bumblebee ever!

1 comment:

  1. Those are AWESOME pictures....oh. my. gosh. Stuart is amazing...

    Of course, Rachel is beyond adorable...

    But the one of just her face with the black background is outstanding. And I LOVE the one with her full body, sitting, black background, looking up. GOOD STUFF!!!