The Most Adorable Baby Bumblebee Ever

Isn't this the most adorable baby bumblebee you've ever seen? Even the picture of the angry baby bumblebee is super cute!

I got this bumblebee costume for Rachel last year just before she was born. She was born in October 20th and I wanted to have a cute costume for her to wear on Halloween.

Stuart took Nicholas trick-or-treating while Rachel and I sat on the front steps handing out candy. Rachel wore her bumblebee costume and slept in my arms the whole time. Everyone loved seeing the baby bumblebee.

I was recently putting together some of Rachel's clothes to give away to a friend of mine and I found the bumblebee costume. Before giving it away, I wanted to get one more set of pictures of her in it. Thanks to Stuart Chance Photography I have pictures of the most adorable baby bumblebee ever!


  1. Those are AWESOME pictures....oh. my. gosh. Stuart is amazing...

    Of course, Rachel is beyond adorable...

    But the one of just her face with the black background is outstanding. And I LOVE the one with her full body, sitting, black background, looking up. GOOD STUFF!!!


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