So Many Things To See On A Short Walk In The Neighborhood

We saw so many interesting things on a short walk to our neighborhood playground today. There wasn't anyone else there to play with so we strolled a little farther on the trail into the wooded area. We found lots of cool bugs to look at, even a few dead ones that had to come home with us, of course.

Nicholas hopped around in the creek bed some, our favorite thing to do here. When he got back on the bank, he found a big magnolia leaf. He liked it because it was big. He decided he was an Indian.

I pointed out that it was odd to find a magnolia leaf there because there didn't seem to be a magnolia tree right around where we were. He thought this was an interesting point. We walked up to each of the trees and compared their leaves with our magnolia leaf. Nope, not a match, but we had fun making our comparisons. We surmised that it must have blown over to the creek from a nearby house.

Rachel started having teething pains again and was gumming on her lip. She soon got fussy so we headed home. We were all ready to cool off anyway.

On the way home, we saw a cool military helicopter. I think it's a Chinook, the kind with twin rotors on top.

Nicholas loved watching it. He's really into military/camo stuff right now. He even goes around saying, "Sir, yes sir!" Cute little guy!

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