Bouncing at Boomerang's

We spent the morning at Boomerang's. Nicholas enjoyed all of the bounce houses while Rachel played in the toddler area. We were at Boomerang's just a few weeks ago and Rachel didn't know what to do in the toddler area. She just sat there. But today she crawled around and played peek-a-boo with me as she looked over some of the softplay obstacle course pieces. It was really cute. I tried to catch a picture but she was always too fast for me or turning away from me. Sometimes taking pictures of little kids is like herding cats!

Nicholas even had fun in the little toddler area. He loves Rachel so much that he just wanted to play with her even if the big boy had to go play in the "baby" area.

He found two little bongo drums and gave one to Rachel to play with. They were sort of trying to make music together but Rachel was easily distracted and kept crawling away. At one point, a little girl came over and tried to take away Rachel's drum because she had crawled away. Nicholas got very upset. He was polite but firm as he said, "You can't have that. That is for my baby sister!" and he held on to it tightly. A little bit later, he realized that Rachel wasn't going to play with it anymore so he brought the drum over to the little girl and told her she could have it now.

Nicholas found a token in the video game area so he got to play one game. He picked a cool virtual reality game. I can't believe he can play such a complicated game at only 5 years old. He was pretty good at it.

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