Update on Rachel

As you know, Rachel fell and hit her mouth on the coffee table on Monday. Her pediatrician checked her out and said that she will be fine. However, she has been getting fussier as the week has gone on. Many nights she has woken up several times crying even though she has been medicated the whole time on either Tylenol or Motrin. Thursday night was the worst. She woke up every hour crying and there really wasn't much I could do for her. I worried that the frenulum tear had gotten infected or there was underlying damage to one of her teeth that had been missed or who knows what???

Throughout the week, Stuart and I have had to hold Rachel down to try to check on her mouth to see how it is healing. Of course, Rachel cries and squirms and makes a really big fuss about this. It is so touching to see how upset Nicholas gets when we do this. One time he even shouted out with a bit of panic in his voice, "Stop doing that guys! You're hurting her!" Obviously we weren't hurting her, just trying to look in her mouth. But the little guy was going to protect his little baby sister.

Being the worrier that I am, I took her back to the pediatrician's office yesterday. Her usual doctor wasn't available but we saw another one who did a very thorough exam on her. He again said that she will be fine. No infection, no damage that he could determine. He stated a point that Stuart and I had already discussed is that Rachel is dealing with teething pain from this new upper tooth and now that area has an injury. It must be really sensitive and painful for her. So we are just doing our best to give her lots of loving comfort and keeping her mind off her pain as much as possible.

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