First Homework Assignment!

Tonight Nicholas had his first homework assignment. He was actually pretty excited about having homework. It was super easy and we breezed right through it. He read a short book to me and then completed two worksheets on writing the letters F and M.

His class is learning the D'Nealian form of handwriting which is slightly different than how Nicholas has been taught to write. He already needed to work on his handwriting and now we've got to change the way he's been doing it. Ugh!

The D'Nealian form of writing seems awkward for just writing in print because the letters have a lot of tails that swoop up. It's just not how most people write in print. However, I can see that it is good for pre-cursive writing.

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  1. Love the "thinking tongue" he has~ We taught D'Neilean handwriting when I taught 1st grade, but we are not using that for Reese. I have a wipe board with a D'Neilean alphabet (capital on one side, lower case on other) that are made in dotted lines for them to trace. You are welcome to have it if you can use's brand new and never even opened :)