Updated: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Nicholas recently informed us that he wants to be a rescue helicopter pilot when he grows up. He chose this instead of his other close contenders, an astronaut or a space ship builder at NASA.

Nicholas is very excited about the 3 day Labor Day weekend. He already appreciates the fact that he has one less day of school next week because of it. He also appreciates that Stuart also has one less day of work next week. Nicholas made the comment that he'll have Labor Day off too when he goes to work as a rescue helicopter pilot. We informed him that rescue helicopter pilots don't have 8-5 jobs and likely have to work on the weekend. We even said that they would probably be quite busy on a long holiday weekend like Labor Day.

Nicholas then informed us that maybe he doesn't want to be a rescue helicopter pilot after all. He will just build space ships for NASA instead.

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