Blogging Does Have It's Priviledges

I started this blog as an easy way to keep grandparents up to date on our children's lives and to let them see the most up to date pictures and video instead of waiting months for me to get around to printing pictures and mailing them. Blogs are an awesome way to do this.

But I've also enjoyed writing about local activities that we do to keep other moms posted about all the wonderful things for children in our area. Recently several of my blog posts have been featured on a website for local moms called BurbMom. It's a great place for moms in our area to connect with each other, find out about restaurants, shopping, and family friendly activities. It's fun having my little blog posts read by so many people but it's especially nice when I win contributor contests that put $50 in my pocket or win awesome prizes like this giant case of Little Debbie muffins that my family devoured in about two days. Thank you BurbMom. Blog On!

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