Cell Phone Addictions Begin At A Young Age

It's a shame to see how addicted so many people are to their cell phones. Some people are either talking or texting on their cell phones all day long. And what is most disheartening is to see how this addiction is affecting the youth in our society. Children are getting cell phones at younger and younger ages and the addiction is burning quite strong in them.

Take for instance the young girl in this case study. She is only 10 months old yet she is having endless conversations on her cell phone instead of participating in the normal activities that a 10 month old should be engaged in like chewing on things or learning to crawl. As you continue to watch the video you will see how quickly she spirals down and the withdrawal sets in when this young child loses her phone and the mighty tantrum she can throw when she can't get it back. In the end, she tries to hand over the phone and give up her addiction, only to succumb to the cravings once again.

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