Six Flags!!

Every year we make the trip to Arlington for the Pepsico Frito Lay employee party at Six Flags where we get the run of the park from 5:00pm to midnight. Every year I have to get this same picture as we enter the park. We went to the Six Flags party last night and I said I wasn't going to get this picture again this year. But at the last minute I pulled out the camera. I just like that they close the entire park just for our private party!

Of course, Six Flags is a not a Pepsi location. All through the park you see vending machines selling only Coca-Cola products. So I thought it was really cute to find these signs on the vending machines....

We did enjoy our fair share of the complimentary Pepsi and Frito Lay products. Throughout the park there are stations full of various Frito Lay chips and iced down Pepsi products like Aquafina, Gatorade, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, and of course Pepsi. They are all free with no limits so our tummies were never left wanting for anything.

Nicholas brought a friend of his and they spent several minutes trying to decipher the map. They were quite cute as they discussed where they were and where they wanted to go although I'm quite sure they really had no idea what they were talking about since even I can't read the Six Flags map very well.

We spent most of our time in Looney Tunes land where the rides are more geared towards younger kids. One of Nicholas' favorite rides here is the roller coaster. It is just two laps around a track that goes up and down but it gets quite a bit a speed at times and can be scary for little ones. But not these boys. They loved it! And I got a good seat right in front of them and was able to take lots of pictures of them screaming while smiling :)

They also rode a hot air ballon ride with Stuart. They loved how the ride went up and everyone spun around but the boys quickly learned that they could spin the center wheel to make their car spin around separately as well so they were going extra fast. Stuart was not so fond of this ride but notice Nicholas' tongue helping him to spin them even faster...

I really don't know how they did this, but the boys ALMOST talked me into riding on the Aquaman ride with them. This is one of those rides where you are in a boat and at the end you come down a hill and splash into the water. I really really almost did this with them but then came to my senses.

With our free tickets to the park, we also get free Daffy Dollars which is like "Six Flags Money" and can be used for food, drinks, games, or souvenirs in the park. We always eat dinner before we go and have plenty of free snacks while there so we get to spend all of our Daffy Dollars on toys and souvenirs. We got each boy his own super hero cape. Nicholas really enjoyed strutting around in his Batman cape...

Of course, they had to ride on the Tea Cups, another spin-around-as-fast-as-you-can kind of ride.

They tried a new ride this year which was designed to feel like you are falling from a skyscraper. It goes straight up and free falls a little and goes back up and free falls a little more. Eventually it works up to letting you feel like you are free falling all the way down.

Before we left we stopped back by the toy shop to spend the rest of our Daffy Dollars. The boys each got large super hero action figures. On the way out to the car, both boys were tired so we let them sit and rest while Stuart got the car. They both fell asleep before we got home.

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