Daddy Saves The Day

Here is Rachel getting all frustrated because I wasn't able to feed her and cook dinner for the rest of the family at the same time. I love how she puts both arms out to her side and moves her hands around when she is frustrated.

Daddy jumped in and saved the day. I love to watch Stuart with our children. It just melts my heart.

It's no wonder that Rachel's first words that were clearly referring to something were "Dada". This happened a few weeks ago. I didn't write it down at the time so now the date is lost forever (You know parents never has as much keepsake info for the second child as they did for the first!). Anyway, Rachel and I were playing upstairs when Stuart came home from work. We couldn't see him but Rachel heard his voice as he talked to Nicholas. She perked up, smiled, and said, "Dada!" Up until this time she had been saying a lot of babble that could have been jumbled words but nothing that was clearly not just random sounds.

She does say Mama now when she sees me or when she's looking for me but Dada was her first real word.

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