Who's That Pretty Girl?

Rachel loves looking at herself in the mirror. This mirror is really cool because it is surrounded by cute little animals that she can look at too. We put it in front of her and she starts smiling and laughing. In this picture she is just studying it all very carefully. Maybe she's wondering who that other baby girl is that is looking back at her...or maybe she's just wondering why Mommy put the mirror upside down so that all the animals look like they are hanging from a tree!

I love giving Rachel a bath but I have to admit that I'm not very good at it. We have a little infant tub that lets her recline while I bathe her. There is even a little sling that can hold her up and let her lie above the water if I just want to give her a sponge bath. A bath seems like an easy thing to do but it never fails to end with Rachel crying and me feeling like a novice. I try to keep her comfortable but she just always seems to get in some awkward position. There's a little bump in the bottom of the tub that cradles her bottom and the ridge keeps her from sliding forward and slipping under the water. Well, somehow she will sometimes slip past the ridge and she ends up sitting on the ridge part and that makes her mad. Other times she will start to fall over sideways and that makes her mad too. Needless to say, I always look forward to bath time being over so I can just wrap her up in a soft warm towel and cuddle with her. But watch out! One time I did that and I cuddled her for a little too long. As I was sitting on the floor next to the tub holding her and talking sweetly to her I suddenly heard a disturbing sound and realized that I then needed a bath too. I've since learned to put a diaper on her before I start my soothing cuddling!

I recently started using these little robes to wrap her up after bath time. She looks so snuggly and cute in them.

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