What a Rough Night We Had

Last night around 1:30 am, Nicholas threw up all over his bed. It was a terrible mess and everything had to be washed. We got new pajamas on him and new sheets and blankets on the bed and he quickly went back to sleep. I stayed up to get all of the bedding washed in case he got sick again because we only have two sets of twin size sheets for his bed. It worked out well that I was staying up late anyway because the poor little guy continued to get sick every 30 - 45 minutes. I kept thinking that surely everything was out and he'd finally be able to rest but then it would happen again. My heart ached for him because I know how miserable he must have felt.

This morning he is doing much better. He's been able to keep down a little bit of 7up and saltine crackers but he has slept most of the day and spent the rest of the time just cuddled up on the couch with Daddy. Poor little guy!

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