Action Figures Everywhere

If your little boy has action figures of any kind, I'm sure you've seen how they seem to get up on their own and walk all over your house. They never seem to stay together or in one place. Some are upstairs, some are downstairs, some are in the car, some may even be outside. I just happened to stumble upon a great storage solution for all of Nicholas' Star Wars action figures.

This is a plastic storage box by Art Bin that I bought at Joann's craft store a while ago. It's approximately 12" x 12". It has been storing my ribbons that I use in scrapbooking. However, the width of the rows is perfect for action figures and their are little slots that allow you to adjust the height of the different boxes if you wanted to. It even has a handle for when they want to bring them over to a friend's house. Nicholas always puts his action figures back now and he seems to take pride in seeing all of his collection together.

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  1. OH MY GOSH that is the perfect solution!!!! I am going to get those immediately!!!