First Books!

Nicholas has been interested in learning to read for a while now. He is always working on phonics and often sounds out words he finds around the house or as we're out running errands. If he can't sound them out, he will ask me to help him read the word. Sometimes he will ask me how to spell a particular word, just because he is curious.

We have the first set of Bob books which are a whole series of beginner reader books. Nicholas has tried to read them in the past but would always get frustrated before he finished the first book and would give up. A few weeks ago, Nicholas sat down with the books and read the first book without hesitation. He was so proud of himself that he continued on with books 2, 3, and 4. Here's a video of the first two he read. I got part of the third book on video but the battery died, of course!

Nicholas is so proud of himself...and we are proud of him too!!

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