Lovin' Our Legos

Nicholas and Daddy have been having fun building neat creations with the new Lego sets the Nicholas got for Christmas. He has had some of the larger Mega Blocks for toddlers but he's so proud to have stepped up to real Legos. He now has tons of little building pieces and the creative options are endless. Legos even has a whole line of Star Wars kits to make different space ships. You know Nicholas will just love combining Lego fun and Star Wars!

I'm excited about having Legos too because my brother and I had Legos when we were little. Isn't it fun to reminisce about toys you had when you were growing up? I remember spending hours building all kinds of neat things with Steve. Legos are just so much fun!

Daddy is also glad to be able to play with them because he has often grumbled that he only got Lincoln Logs when he was little and never had any Legos. Poor thing! Well, now both of my boys can have fun playing with them together.

Of course, we have now introduced hundreds of little choking hazards into our house that I will have to figure out how to keep Rachel away from....

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