Learning About Recycled Art at Art House

Today we went to Art House which is a local, family-owned business that teaches studio art classes for children and adults. They taught a special class today for our Early Childhood PTA group on Recycled Art, creating art work with materials from around the house. What a great concept! Keep trash out of the landfills, use up junk taking up space around the house, and use your imagination to create art at the same time! And best of all there is no need to spend money at a craft store on art supplies.

Kayli was our instructor. She set out some supplies for the children and gave them some suggestions to help them get started.

Next she talked to the adults about ideas for materials to use. She talked about paper mache to cover a variety of objects that normally might just get thrown out. She mentioned Pablo Picasso and his use of "found" materials such as sticks and leaves. She also had a great idea for using the thin foam pieces that you might get food packaged in at a grocery deli or meat counter. You can cut out squares of this material and use a pencil to softly draw a design into the foam then use it as a stamp to ink the design on paper. She also talked about corrugated cardboard and chipboard. She even said that you can wet the chipboard and mold it and it will hold the shape once it dries.

Our PTA is having a Recycled Art contest so this was a great opportunity to get ideas on what Nicholas and I can work on. It sounds like a fun challenge!

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