Party at WinKids

Nicholas was invited to a friend's birthday party at WinKids Sports and Learning Center. WinKids is a cool place that teaches various classes for children such as gymnastics, karate, swimming, dance, etc. So of course their parties are very active and engaging. Nicholas had a great time. He loved playing with the parachute...holding it, shaking it, walking in a circle with it, and crawling under it!

He also had a lot of fun playing on the gymnastic equipment...

However, his most favorite part was the giant three-person swing! It really is a pretty neat swing. It is anchored to the ceiling but the ceiling is really high so the swing gets a very high arch. The kids just love it!

It was a fun party. Even Mommy and Rachel had fun just observing from the sidelines.

Nicholas is talking about wanting to have his birthday party at WinKids too. Of course, he'll probably come up with 10 other places that he wants to have his party at before April actually gets here. Maybe we'll look into at least taking a class there this spring/summer. I think he would enjoy karate lessons there.

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