Saturday Morning Fun

Nicholas and I were the first ones up this morning. I tried to find something sort of quiet for us to play so that Rachel and Daddy could sleep late. Legos it is! Nicholas loves playing with his Legos and he loves for us to build things with him. He likes for us to be creative but only if we are building a spaceship and only if it is built in the color that he chooses. Bummer! I don't get too interested in building space ships and I'd prefer to just let my creative genius run free. But alas, sometimes it isn't worth the fight. So I compromised and built a plane and he let me make it blue instead of the requested black.

He created some other odd-shaped little space ships. He has such an imagination that a space ship can look like anything to him. He cherishes everything that we build so he never wants to take anything apart. (Daddy built the Jeep in the picture a few weeks ago and we all think it is too cute to take apart!) This wouldn't be a problem except that we are left with no bricks to build anything new. I have "accidentally" broken my space ship on occasion so that we can put the pieces back in the building pile. Bad Mommy!

Rachel is getting better at holding on to toys. She loves to hold things and move them around. Her favorite seems to be this cute little Taggies elephant because it has a lot of places that are easy for her to grasp. She is such a happy baby. Sometimes she just starts cracking up laughing. It's so cute!

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