Birthday King Cake!

My dad is so good to us! He sent his annual king cake and the kids were bouncing up and down when they saw the special FedEx box!

Today is Stuart's birthday so we planned to go out for a nice dinner and just get a birthday treat for dessert at the restaurant. But there is no way we are doing that since we now had king cake at home!

It's always fun to get king cakes in the mail. This one is from Gambino's bakery and it comes with a Mardi Gras cup, beads, doubloons, and a Mardi Gras poster.

Plus you get the icing and colored sprinkles to decorate the cake yourself!

Of course, now that we have children, I never get to decorate our king cakes anymore. The boy has taken over much of this task for me.

Nicholas and Rachel worked together on the sprinkled sugar to create this beauty.

Since it was Stuart's birthday, we ended up using it as a birthday king cake.

...if only I could get a birthday king cake on my birthday....

The kids loved decorating the cake and watching Daddy blow out the candles.

Nicholas couldn't wait to see if his piece of king cake was the magical one with the plastic baby inside it. He is truly competitive when it comes to a Mardi Gras baby!

But unfortunately for him, Rachel found the baby in her piece of cake. I guess that means she is buying the next king cake for us.

I don't think I want to wait that long....

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