Apologia Review: Who Am I?

Teaching what God's Word says is an important part of our homeschool curriculum. We feel that our role as parents is to not only teach our children academically but also develop their character and train them to see the world as God sees it so that they can go out into the world and do His work.

I have discovered a wonderful Bible curriculum that is helping us build these mighty little warriors for God and I'm excited to share it with you.


Apologia Educational Ministries has a series of materials called "What We Believe". It is a Bible curriculum written specifically for ages 6-14.

The series consists of four topics including:
* Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him?
* Who Am I?
* Who Is My Neighbor?
* What on Earth Can I Do? (coming in 2012).

Apologia asked me to review the second volume, Who Am I?: Biblical Worldview of Self-Image. I received the hardback book, the audio CD, the notebooking journal, and the coloring book.

Wow! This is an impressive set of materials. I absolutely love presenting information in multiple ways - reading, listening, processing, and coloring. It helps the information all meld together and really stick.

There are 8 lessons in the book and we typically work on a lesson two days a week for three weeks. The lessons are full of engaging stories, fun activities, thought provoking questions, suggested vocabulary, memory verses, and more.

Self-image is something that all young children need help with from time to time. I know that God has placed this particular curriculum in our hands at this time because we can see that this is starting to be an issue with Nicholas. We want to be sure to guide his thoughts towards thinking of himself as God sees him and not judge himself based on arbitrary ideas of the world, particularly those of other 7 year olds. I know this curriculum will help him discern God's truth in himself and help protect his heart from some of the peer pressures of the world.

The Who Am I? products are available on the Apologia website.

Hardback book, $39
Audio CD, $19
Notebooking Journal, $24
Coloring Book, $8

I really love these products and highly recommend getting all pieces of the set to help your child get a full grasp on each message presented. Plus it just makes it more fun!

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Note: Apologia sent me "Who Am I?" products for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated for my time and the opinions stated here are entirely my own.

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  1. This looks like a great resource for my kids. It fits along with some things God has been leading me to, as far as next phase parenting with my kiddos. Thank you for your time and review!