Dallas By Chocolate and Nosh Euro Bistro

Stuart and I got a special treat today. We went on a tour with Dallas By Chocolate. Check out my post about it over at She Is Dallas.

We put the children in Adventure Kids so we could enjoy an afternoon with just the two of us. It was so much fun and I think I was going to burst from eating so much chocolate.

After the tour we walked around a nearby mall, just exploring. It was fun to leisurely walk around, looking at things we wanted to look at, without having to keep entertain the kids for a change.

Eventually we worked up a slight appetite for some real food and decided to try something different for dinner. We discovered Nosh Euro Bistro in Plano. We didn't have a reservation and ended up sitting at the community table but we were kind of early so there weren't many people at the big table with us. The food was incredible and I hope to go back again soon.

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