Karate Green Belt Test

Nicholas has been taking karate from Karate For Life for a little over 2 years now. He started as a Little Dragon and today he was tested for Green Belt during one of the regular classes.

They always stretch before class. I'm amazed at how limber he is.

Warming up with some kicks and punches.

I love the intense look on his face. I wouldn't want to mess with him!

The classes perform "forms" which are combinations of various kicks and punches they have learned. Here is Nicholas completing two forms as part of his belt test.

Form: Chon Ji

Form: Tan Gun

Nicholas has learned some good self defense moves and they practice these at each class. They pair up and one person is the attacker and the other is the defender. They do their moves but don't actually strike the other person. Then they switch roles.

Here is an escape and counter from a front choke.

And an escape and counter from a lapel grab.

At the end of class they held a ceremony to award the new belts. As usual, Nicholas touches his brow to his green belt so that the first sweat on his new belt is the sweat he had to get it.

Master Haddock put on his new belt for him.

You know that Nicholas was just beaming inside as he looked at himself with his new belt on yet he tries to stay calm.

We are very proud of how well he has progressed through his classes. Now he is in the Intermediate level classes and we'll have to buy some sparring gear for a whole new level of karate.

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