Happy Mardi Gras

Look what we found on our doorstep! King Cake!

This one was from Stuart's parents and it is from Ambrosia Bakery in Baton Rouge. It looks delicious naked!

But the box also had all the necessities for decorating it along with some beads, coffee, a plastic baby, and a Mardi Gras cup.

Usually the baby is already baked inside of the cake but this one wasn't. I turned the cake over and inserted the baby from underneath so the kids wouldn't know where it was hidden. Nicholas is very competitive about finding that baby!

Rachel started off the decorating by covering the cake with icing.

She was very serious about it.

This icing was very good all by itself. I'm sure it is a basic royal icing recipe but it tasted better than most that I've tried.

Next the kids tossed the purple, green, and gold sprinkles on.

Rachel didn't work very hard. She got too distracted with sampling all the sprinkles.

Oh what a beautiful King Cake!

Nicholas studied the cake and thought he knew where the baby was. He made sure that I sliced the perfect piece for him. But he was terribly distraught when he poked all around his piece and didn't find the baby in it.

But it still tasted great.


Thank you Grandfather and Grandmother! We only wish we could get these sent to us from Louisiana year round!

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