Main Street Days in Grapevine

We had fun at Main Street Days in Grapevine this year but Nicholas was disappointed that the Kayak Adventures people weren't there this year because he's really been looking forward to playing with a kayak in their pool.

There was a great display on milk and dairy products. The kids got to practice milking a cow. I love how Rachel has twisted her lip up as she works in this picture.

This is such a cute idea and kids always love milking these pretend cows. It would be pretty easy to make something like this at home. We could set up our own little pretend farm in the backyard with a cow, chicken, and pretend farm. How fun! But I just dream. We don't have time or yard space for such crazy ideas!

We saw the petting zoo and the kids got to ride on a few rides.

I wasn't sure if Rachel would get scared when this helicopter ride went up in the air but she loved it!

There was a little area that had a lot of little toddler ride-on toys. Rachel had fun trying out each and every one of them. She even told Stuart to get on this one. I think she must have him wrapped around her little finger but my big guy actually sat down on a little pink toddler toy at her request. He's such a fun Daddy!

Nicholas absolutely LOVED this fun house. He did it over and over again.

Of course, we had to ride the merry-go-round several times.

We love Main Street Days. It's great family fun.

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