All About Indians

Nicholas has really enjoyed learning all about Indians. He's learned about the different tribes and how their way of life, from their building materials to what they ate, was so dependent on the natural resources in their particular part of the country.

His favorite tribe is the Sioux Indians because they were very creative with their buffalo hunts. They would find a herd on top of a cliff and run towards them on horses while making lots of noise to scare them into running over the edge of a cliff. Other tribe members would be down below the cliff to collect the food and hide from their hunt.

Nicolas really enjoyed acting out a little skit where he portrayed several Indian scenarios. Of course, we have checked out a lot of great books about Indians from our local library as well (because you know I'm a book addict).

We've also done several great hands-on projects such as this one below where Nicholas made a model tepee.

He started with learning about Indian picture writing. He selected several pictures and decorated a small strip of brown paper bag.

Then he wet the strip of paper, crumpled it up, then let it dry to give it a weathered look.

Next he used tape to attach popsicle sticks to a small lid of a food storage container. This is the foundation for the tepee.

Finally, he wrapped the strip of paper around the structure to complete his tepee.

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