A Blessed and Beautiful Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.

My kids gave me these beautiful handmade pottery pieces! I'm so happy!

I had mentioned something to Stuart last week about how my children decorating pottery for me at Color Me Mine would be the ultimate Mother's Day gift. I wasn't hinting. Because I then told him something like a warning that this would really be too crazy for him to try to accomplish - two silly kids in a store full of breakable pottery while he's trying to help each of them paint pretty designs on one of a kind pieces for me. I told him that even though I'm used to managing them every day that I would be very hesistant to try it. In one minute of helping Nicholas, Rachel could knock over several pieces. She's just into everything these days.

So it made these gifts that much more of a surprise and a blessing.

Stuart had managed to make two seperate trips there so that he could focus on helping each child at a time. I don't know how I didn't figure this out but I didn't. Fortunately, he even took pictures so I can see my little angels at work.

Nicholas used a stamp to make the heart but wrote the word "Mom" on both sides of the cup by himself.

He really took pride in his work and did a great job.

The colors are a little dull in this picture but once they were fired they darkened and became much prettier.

Rachel made a plate with her handprints. She loves making handprints.

And I love anything with my kids handprints on it!

This was especially nice because her handprints formed a heart shape on the plate.

I'm so amazed and proud of Stuart for managing to get these two pieces made. I have wanted a Mother's Day present like this ever since Nicholas was born. I just couldn't be happier!

And believe it or not, my gifts didn't stop there. Nicholas' cub scout den met at Lowe's this weekend to participate in the Build and Grow clinics for kids where they built little heart vases for their moms. I love how the message can be customized and changed with regular chalk!

Here are some pictures from the clinic:

Stuart said that Nicholas really took charge of the project and didn't need Stuart's help much at all.

I'm so proud of him.

And I'm so proud of my awesome husband for helping my children give me the best Mother's Day ever!

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