Blue Hangar Cafe

Our favorite little hole in the wall restaurant...Blue Hangar Cafe.

The building is a little old and looks like a regular diner, nothing fancy. That's not why we like it.

The food is really good. Everything is fresh. But that's not why we like it.

The staff is very friendly and prompt to take care of you. But that's not why we like it.

The reason we like it? Because where else can you grab a bite to eat and watch planes roll right past you just feet away from your table?

Blue Hangar Cafe is part of Northwest Regional Airport which is located 1/2 mile east of I-35W on F.M. 1171 just North of Texas Motor Speedway. The cafe has indoor seating but we, of course, will only sit on the patio since we are really there for the planes. There is a driveway to the runway in front of the cafe as well as a fuel pump. We get to watch planes drive by and often talk with pilots as they are refueling.

While we waited for our lunch, we all watched the skies as planes took off and landed right in front of us.

The kids just love it!

Look Mom! That one just took off!

Eyes full of wonder and amazement. I just love to give my kids new and exciting experiences like this!

Nicholas has been here 2 or 3 times before but this was the first time that Daddy got to come with us. Nicholas was excited to share our little secret with him and he got some extra cuddle time with Daddy too!

Coming in for a landing!

Food's here. Time to say the blessing. Rachel never just closes her eyes. Instead she covers her whole face with her arm :)

Our waitress let Nicholas play with some toy planes. It was fun to see him flying them all around the patio making plane sounds. I'm so very glad that he hasn't outgrown that yet.

We have so much fun at our little cafe and personal air show! We already can't wait to come back again.

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  1. We're planning on going there for lunch today and I was looking for a great family review ... thanks so much!