Little kids love to feel and touch things. They also love to paint. So what better way to combine their fun than to have a little fingerpainting!

It's been a long time since Nicholas did any fingerpainting. Looking at the expression on his face, I think he was a little surprised that it was actually ok to run his hands all through the paint and get so messy.

Rachel is kind of funny about getting messy. And fingerpainting is messy.

She had fun squirting the finger paint on her paper. But she just didn't want to put her fingers in the stuff.

She found another way to make her fingerpaint artwork though.

Eventually she realized that fingerpainting is fun and there was no stopping her. She particularly enjoyed just smashing her hand right in big gobs of paint.

I love her chosen color pallet and use of shading and movement :)

I had some real fingerpaint paper (did you know there was such a thing?). It's neat because it has a light sealant on it so the paint stays on top of the paper and doesn't absorb into the fibers. This makes it fun to smear the paint all around or even draw designs in it with your finger or other tools.

Nicholas was proud to show me that he drew my initial in cursive in his fingerpaint.

Then he proceeded to make pretty hearts and swirls all over his page.

Of course, if you know Nicholas, you know he has no qualms about making messes and getting messy himself.

I dare say he revels in it!

Rachel came up with a great design for a paper airplane!

What fun but what a mess!

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