A 50th Anniversary

Today is Stuart's parents' 50th wedding anniversary. 50 years - wow!

Stuart and his brother planned a little surprise dinner for them. We had to hit the road early this morning so we could get to Baton Rouge in time for the surprise.

Stuart made these two incredible framed collages that read "50". He made it out of 50 pictures from his parents' earlier years up to today. He spent a lot of time on them and it really shows. It was truly a labor of love.

Stuart's brother did most of the planning in Baton Rouge. He reserved a private room at Juban's for the dinner. Juban's is special to us because we had our wedding rehearsal dinner there as well as a surprise one year anniversary dinner there.

Steve told his parents to meet them there for dinner but they didn't know that we were driving in for the occasion.

We all waited quietly in our private room for the guests of honor to arrive....well as quietly as we could with four young children who were so excited they were about to burst!

Finally, they walked through the door....SURPRISE!

Nicholas couldn't wait to give hugs!

Donna had set up Alyssa's speaking device with a recording of Jessica saying "Happy Anniversary" which would play anytime Alyssa hit the button.

The lovely couple got a personalized menu congratulating their anniversary.

Wine and flowers. I was able to find a copy of the couple's wedding announcement and found out the type of flowers in the wedding bouquet and Steve had a similar arrangement ordered for the table.

The food at Juban's is just incredible. Just take a look at this Halleluah Crab standing at attention. It was so flavorful and delicious!

Happy 50th Anniversary!

We all headed back to Stuart's parents' house. They graciously invited us to stay with them even though our stay was completely unannounced. We did make the offer a little more enjoyable with a joint present of a new TV!

50 inches for 50 years...

50 years - Congratulations! We love you!

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