Grandmother Tells The Best Bedtime Stories

I love to watch my kids have quality time with their grandparents. They only see each other a couple of times a year so it's always pretty special. I can't help it if I need a few pictures to capture the moments.

Grandmother C. loves to read bedtime stories to the kids. And my kids love to be read to.

One of Grandmother's favorite books is The Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall and she has even given the kids a copy of their own.

Rachel being just 2 was only interested in sitting still for a few minutes. Then she decided to explore the other books in the room that might be more interesting. She pulled one off the shelf and handed it to Grandmother to read.

It was titled, "Readings from Ancient History: From Gilgamesh to Diocletian".

I just knew she would become a scholar some day!

Then Grandmother pulled out another one of her favorite bedtime stories, "The Little House" by Virginia Lee Burton. I remember reading this story when I was little!

It always makes Grandmother sad. I love this picture of Rachel imitating Grandmother at the sad part.

Books are such great blessings full of imagination, adventure, and wonder. Enjoy them yourself and read them to children often!

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