Easter Fun

Easter has been simple but fun this year. We were out of town last weekend when most of the local egg hunts were taking place so I feel bad that my kids didn't hunt for eggs this year. But we had fun in other ways.

We dyed eggs. Rachel was excited because she's never done this before.

First you put the dye tablet in a cup and add a little bit of white vinegar and wait for the tablet to dissolve. Rachel liked watching the bubbles fizz as the dye and vinegar did their thing.

Waiting really is the hardest part.

Once the tablets were completely dissolved then the kids could add water to their cups.

Let the egg dyeing begin! Nicholas is an old pro at this so he already had a plan for his eggs and went right to work.

Rachel wasn't quite sure what to do.

Rachel did well with the little egg scoop tool and was able to gently put her eggs in the cups.

Now you are supposed to let the egg sit for several minutes while it absorbs the dye.

Rachel couldn't stand the wait. About 5 seconds was the most that any of her eggs got in the dye. And she quit using the nice egg tool that kept her hands out of the dye. She decided it was much quicker to just dunk her hands into the water to retrieve her egg.

Then once her eggs were out, she broke into most of them probabl expecting there to be candy goodies inside. What a disappointment it must have been to find only egg.

In the past, we have been given some confetti eggs that friends have made by delicately piercing an egg, draining the contents through a small hole in the shell, cleaning the egg, and then filling with confetti. You take the egg and crack it over someone's head and confetti falls all over them. It's fun but I've never had the free time to make them myself.

But this year I found some at our grocery store. Fun!

These were even brightly colored.

Nicholas knew just what to do and he enjoyed dumping the confetti on Rachel.

Again and again.

I finally had to get Nicholas to kneel down so that Rachel could actually get her egg above his head to the confetti would fall on him.

This morning the Easter Bunny must have come to visit because he left two baskets hidden for the kids. Nicholas found his right away.

Rachel walked right past hers several times.

Oh, there it is!

It's always fun to go through the goodies in your Easter Basket and then see how much candy you can sneak into your mouth before breakfast!

Kissing his chocolate bunny...

Nicholas told us later today that he knows how the Easter Bunny gets into our house. He said that Stuart and I must be the Easter Bunny because how else could be bunny get in? We've told him before that they must have Easter magic but today he said there is no such thing as magic...except for Santa's Christmas magic.

We didn't confirm or deny his suspiscions so I'm not sure how convinced he is about the status of the Easter Bunny. Stuart and I are very sad that he is getting so close to growing out of this fun, innocent part of his childhood. But at least he still has a strong belief that Santa Claus must be real.

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