A Fun Day With Cousins

Whenever we are in Baton Rouge, we always make sure to stop by my brother's office to let the kids play on the playground equipment. Nicholas was excited that his cousins got to come along with us this time.

Rachel had fun playing on the rings.

But then she got her arms stuck through them and wasn't quite sure how to get down.

She decided that climbing up into a fort might be a little safer for her.

J. is a great climber and was showing Rachel how to do it.

Once she was ready to come down, Rachel decided to do a little daredevil act at the top of the slide just to make sure Mommy was awake.

Happy and brave little girl!

A. and her Daddy snuggled up in a swing chair and promptly fell asleep. Isn't this a sweet picture of the two of them?

I think Stuart felt touched by it because he tried to snuggle in the same chair with his little girl too. But Rachel didn't want to sit still so she whined and squirmed to get away until Stuart finally got her laughing by hanging her feet over one of the bars of the swing until she was almost upside down.

Rachel had fun but I don't think it was the touching moment that Stuart was hoping for.

Rachel loves her Aunt D. and thought it was so much fun having Aunt D. push her on a swing.

Nicholas preferred the giant tire swing under a fort.

But he had to try to figure out a way to make it swing while upright on its side. That boy just can't do things the simple way.

This picture cracks me up because here we were at this cool playground with several big expensive forts complete with tunnels, slides, climbing walls, swings, etc and the kids chose to spend about 30 minutes digging in the dirt and gravel of the parking lot. It's like Christmas morning when they open up the big expensive present you got for them and they squeal and laugh about playing in the empty box it came in.

A little more play time before we had to go.

Uncle Steve is great with kids and I love watching him play with mine. I wish they got to spend more time with him. I know they would have so much fun together.

The kids were still having fun but it was really hot and humid so we bribed them to leave by offering to take them to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream.

Rachel seemed to enjoy hers.

She REALLY, REALLY enjoyed hers.

And she apparently decided to carry some of it home with her.

I love this picture of the four cousins!

Nicholas has a pretty good understanding A.'s medical problems. He loves her and prays for her every night. Several times during our visit, I noticed him go over to talk to her and gently touch her. He initiated this completely on his own which just warms my heart. She is so quiet that I could easily understand how an excited 7 year old boy could just run right past her and not think twice. But his heart tugged at him and he felt the need to show her that he loves her.

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