April Fool's Day!

I don't usually get into April Fool's Day jokes but I've been planning this one all year and couldn't wait to fool the kids.

I started last night with two regular bowls of Cheerios and milk. Breakfast at night? No, not quite. I fixed the cereal as usual but then stuck them in the freezer...

This morning I took the frozen bowls of cereal out and added just a touch of fresh milk to the top. It looks completely normal...hee hee hee

Nicholas made some funny faces as he tried to eat his frozen cereal.

Then he tried digging into the unusual breakfast with his spoon.

He never really caught on to the joke and ended up just saying "Ewww" and pushing it away.

I had such fun saying, "April Fools!"

Childish, yes.

But oh what fun!

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  1. His faces in those pictures are awesome! Love a good April Fool's joke...haven't heard of that one!