Partying With Uncle Steve!

**Yes, this post is crazy late in getting published. I had it uploaded and apparently never hit the "Publish" button! Sorry to the grandparents for making you wait so long to see these pics!**

For Nicholas' birthday, Steve set up a bounce house in his back yard. Coolest uncle ever, right?

And of course, Steve was happy to get in and bounce with us.

He even let Nicholas climb on him for a ride!

The two of them played together a lot.

Rachel loved the bounce house too.

And so did Daddy.

And even Granddad came in for a little while!

But mostly the two kiddos spent all of their time jumping around and acting crazy.

It was especially fun to see Rachel in the bounce house. She likes to get in them at other places but a lot of times she gets bumped into and bounced around a lot because there are always lots of kids crammed in these things. But here, it was just Nicholas and her and she felt confident and safe so she bounced a lot. And had a really good time!

Rachel seemed to really enjoy playing with my Dad today. They were really cute together.

But when it was time to take a break, Granddad and Grandmama were happy to keep her occupied.

Oh no! Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

But Nicholas and Rachel volunteered to climb in the deflating bounce house to try to help squish some of the air out of it to prepare it to be put away.

Eventually, the bounce house was out of steam and so were the kiddos.

Granddad pushed Nicholas around on Uncle Steve's super-duper heavy duty hand truck.

Finally it was time to open presents from my side of the family.

So excited!

We went out to eat some good Cajun seafood for dinner then headed back to Steve's for birthday cake.

I ordered the cake from out of state with short notice so all I could get was a Transformers cake. It isn't Nicholas' favorite theme but it did have a Transformer robot on top of the cake which he thought was totally cool.

Especially when he got to lick the icing off them.

Happy 7th Birthday, sweet Nicholas!

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