Happy Birthday Nicholas

Nicholas got some fun presents for his birthday. As a cub scout, he was really excited about the bow and arrow set.

But the cool Lego space shuttle was a really bit hit too.

He really loves Legos so it makes it easy to buy him gifts. Just look how excited he gets!

Stuart couldn't wait to try out, I mean let Nicholas try out his bow set. They both did pretty well.

Grandfather brought home a beautiful strawberry cake from Ambrosia Bakery. Yum!

I can't believe by baby boy turned 7 years old at 4:37 pm today. 7 years old! How can I have a child that is 7 years old?

Nicholas said that he wanted the piece of cake that had his name on it. Stuart asked, "Do you mean you want me to give you the piece with the 'N' on it?" Nicholas said, "No, I want the piece that has my whole name on it!" I was a bit surprised but Stuart obliged.

Ok, that's a really big piece of cake. I'm sure you won't eat it all but that's ok. It's your birthday. Have fun with it!

Gone in 60 seconds! Yep, he's a growing boy!

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