A Day Out With Thomas

We were given four tickets to A Day Out With Thomas by my favorite local organization, Playin' Around Town. A Day Out With Thomas is a fun family event that takes place in Grapevine every year. The usual train has a Thomas the tank engine attached to it so it seems like you are actually riding on the Thomas train!

We excitedly watched Thomas as he pulled into the station! Yippee!

Although Nicholas loved Thomas the Tank when he was little, we never made it out to this event. I wish we would have brought him sooner because he was pretty excited about it even at 6 years old. But then again, who doesn't love riding on a train?

Nicholas' window opened but Rachel's was locked closed and we couldn't get it open. Nicholas loved being able to look out and all around.

Rachel was so excited when the train finally started moving down the track.

Rachel was entranced as we passed trees, houses, and farms.

Stuart got a little adventurous and stuck our camera out of the window so that he could get a better shot of Rachel at the window. Neat!

Nicholas definitely had a great time. Look at the wind blowing his hair back!

Eventually Rachel got jealous that Nicholas had an open window so they had to trade seats. I guess there's just something about the wind blowing in your face that makes a train ride even more fun.

Rachel excitedly told Daddy about all the things she saw out of the window.

The conductor was fun. He let Daddy wear his Conductor hat and acted silly as he punched our train tickets.

My kids are so curious. If there is an open window, they must stick their head out of it.

I love to watch my kids laugh, especially these big full-of-joy kind of laughs!

Rachel loved her spot by the open window...

Nicholas just sat quietly staring at his window and then asked if it was time to change seats again.

Happy Boy!

Daddy enjoyed pointing out neat things that he saw out the window as we passed by.

Ahh, what a perfect train ride on a perfect day...until....Um, I think Rachel is trying to come over for a visit...

No Rachel. It's Nicholas' turn at the window. Why don't you come sit with Daddy?

Then she became Limp Noodle Girl and tried to flop herself away from Stuart.

Apparently Rachel thought that if she couldn't sit at the window seat, she would at least stick her foot out of the window while accidentally kicking Nicholas in the process.

Fussy baby sister out of the way + keeping the open window seat = Happy Boy again!

As the train was pulling back into the station, Rachel got one more chance to sit in the open window seat.

Ahh, the joys of wrangling a two year old!

Even with the last few minutes of the train ride being tarnished with a toddler meltdown, we still had a great time on Thomas.

Outside the train station, there were lots of food vendors and activities for the kids. Of course, they had to play in the bounce houses.

There was a huge model train display. Rachel loved seeing the trains weave their way around on the tracks.

Thank you, Playin' Around Town for the tickets for Thomas and a super fun day!

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