Nicholas Lost His First Tooth!

Nicholas has had two loose teeth for about 3 weeks now. One is very wiggly and the other is just barely starting to loosen. We keep checking on that wiggly tooth.

These are his first loose teeth so it has been a big deal for him. For the most part, the wiggly tooth hasn't bothered him very much except when he tries to bite into an apple. He has enjoyed showing it off to everyone and trying to gross them out with it's wiggliness.

Tonight during dinner, the tooth just came out. He said, "My tooth came out!" and we kind of thought he was joking. I can't believe my baby has lost his first tooth. It's a big milestone!

Nicholas has been fascinated by the whole process.

During the wiggly phase, he had picked out a special little monster pillow to put his tooth in to be sure that the Tooth Fairy could find it. He was very excited to finally have a tooth to put in his pillow.

We were about to go to bed so I just checked in on the boy. The Tooth Fairy has already stopped by. She took the tooth and left a dollar bill in the little pillow. She even left a trail of glittery Fairy Dust all over the carpet by Nicholas' bed.

Great! More mess for Mommy to have to clean up!

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