Drama Daze

Nicholas has an incredible imagination and he loves to act and pretend. In fact, he spends most of his play time acting or making up scenarios. Even in the car, he wants me to work with him as we create story lines and "act" them out as we are driving down the road.

Stuart and I have been suggesting to him that he try some acting classes because we think it would be a great fit for him. He always says that he doesn't want to do it because he's too shy to get on stage in front of a crowd.

What?! Nicholas, shy???

But I keep mentioning acting classes every time I see them in hopes that eventually he'll be willing to try them...and it worked! I told him about a 1/2 day musical drama class that involved games, face painting, singing, and acting. His only question was, "Do I have to act in front of a crowd?" I told him that he did but it was only a brief performance and the audience would only be parents of the children in his class. He paused for a moment and then said, "I'll do it!"


We dropped him off at 8:00 am this morning and he seemed excited to go off to class.

We came back at 11:30 to watch the performance. We got there a little early to be sure we got good seats on the front row.

Rachel wondered, "Where's Nicholas?"

There he is! What a ham! He's got to steal attention even before the show starts!

His group performed one song. It was short but, oh so sweet! I was so proud to see him on stage with a big smile on his face.

Nicholas had a blast and can't wait to take more acting lessons.

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