Having Fun at Central Market

Earlier this week, we visited Central Market for a free cookie decorating party hosted by Playin' Around Town. Each child got 2 big sugar cookies to decorate. The kids were entranced by the huge tubs of icing.

We scooped some of each color icing into our own little cups and found a seat. Rachel started decorating her cookie with yellow icing.

The cookie was really just a tool to get a big scoop of icing to her mouth!

She finally got the idea of sprinkles and decorating the cookie BEFORE eating all the icing off.

It was cute watching them decorate their cookies...

...and continue to sample the decorations...

Rachel kept going back to eating the icing like it was manna from Heaven.

Nice looking, cookie!

Once the kids had a pound of sugar streaming through their veins, they took a break and did some artwork with the craft materials provided.

Rachel stuck stickers all over her page.

Nicholas cut out a heart and said, "This if for you, Mommy!" Awww!

But I wasn't going to be stuck with wound up, sugar-buzzed kids all day so we headed out to the Central Market playground. Yes, this grocery store has it's own playground!

Rachel was drawn to the slides, of course.

She also kept climbing up these things. She seemed a little timid about it but pushed forward. I'm sure it helped encourage her to watch big brother do it too.

Mommy was a little worried seeing her get so high but she did great!

Sitting on a cow...because they can.

Rachel was afraid of this climbing ladder. She watched other children climb up and but she didn't quite understand what to do and seemed nervous as I was trying to help up go up it. But after she made it up one time, she was up it in a flash, down the slide, then up the ladder again. I love how she pushes herself and overcomes her fears.

During the cookie party, the moms were given a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase at the store plus I had a $25 gift card that I was tired of carrying around so I decided to pick up dinner. Central Market has a great selection of pre-cooked foods. They are pricey but unique and not something I would typically cook at home for us.

We had a nice dinner of honey garlic marinated flank steak, green beans almondine, roasted fingerling potatoes in truffle oil, pumpernickel bread (selected by Nicholas), creme brulee, plus we picked up some cranberry walnut bread for breakfast toast.

These 6 items came to $48! I had a coupon AND a $25 gift card and I STILL had to pay $18 for dinner and a small loaf of breakfast bread. We could have gone to a restaurant for that price! It was a nice splurge but not something I can justify doing very often.

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