I Just Want Some Bones

Last week, Nicholas' Cub Scout troop had a cake decorating contest and auction to raise money for their troop activities. We had a lot of fun working together in the kitchen while Rachel napped.

Of course, with Halloween around the corner we had to go with a creepy Halloween theme for our cake. And what better cake to make for Halloween than Devil's Food!

Nicholas made the candy bones...pretzel sticks with mini marshmallows on the ends dunked in white chocolate.

He also dunked a Milano cookie in the white chocolate that we would later use for a tombstone.

Next, he mixed in some neon green color with the white frosting. Eww!

Ta da! The final cake. A grave with cake crumbles for dirt, gummy worms crawling out, a Milano cookie tombstone and pretzel bones off to the side.

Rachel loved eating the extra candy bones that we made.

She kept saying, "I just want some more bones".

Sugar rush!

Our cake did well in the auction. We decided to bid on it ourselves just so I wouldn't have to make another cake for the next day because Stuart was supposed to bring something spooky to their potluck at work. With other bids bumping up the price, I think we brought home our own cake for $13. The money went to a good cause and I didn't have to stay up past midnight making another cake!

But then we saw a cool spider cake go up for auction. We decided to keep our own Halloween cake for ourselves and Stuart ended up getting the spider cake for his office party.

So the next night we were enjoying our green Halloween cake and Rachel decided to play with the icing...

Yes, I let my children play with their food, at least when they are toddlers. It's good for them to explore the different textures of food and spreading it around on their feet only serves to improve their fine motor skills.

Who am I kidding?

It was just funny to watch so why stop her?

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