Elmo - Love Him or Fear Him?

We went to Learning Express toy store last weekend because I had learned that Elmo would be there. Yes, Elmo!! Can you believe it?

Rachel loves Elmo. She loved Elmo before she ever even saw Sesame Street on TV. Actually, for the longest time she called all furry looking characters "Elmo". Show her a picture of Barney and she'd say, "Elmo!" Recently she has started figuring out that all of those critters have different names and she can tell you who many of them are.

But she still loves Elmo.

...Until he comes too close to her at which time she will cower in fear.

About an hour later, after playing with lots of toys in the store and watching Elmo in passing several times, Rachel finally let Elmo come close to her as she pushed a baby doll around the store in a stroller.

I wonder how she will do with getting her picture taken with Santa Claus this year? I'm taking bets now...

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