A Typical Busy Saturday

We started our Halloween with our traditional Saturday morning pancakes a la Stuart. They are truly the best pancakes around. He even makes baby pancakes for Nicholas and Rachel. We are trying to teach Rachel the sign language for "more" so she can ask for what she wants instead of whining and pointing. But for now, she will just whines (or cries) when she wants more of something...including pancakes. But once she got her baby pancake, all was well with the world once more.

Nicholas had a soccer game today. The Dark Knights got 2 goals - their first goals ever (even though the other team scored one of those goals for them)! The kids loved going through the "archway" at the end of the game.

Rachel loved sitting in my lap eating crackers while making the occasional cheering sound with the other families.

After the game we headed over to WinKids for their festival. We got there shortly after it started but the parking lot was already packed. We had a good time. Nicholas wore his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume and had fun "trick or treating" at all of the vendor booths. Of course, there is always fun activites at WinKids. He played in the foam pit and on the gym equipment in each room.

He played games and tried some samples. By the time we were ready to go, the place was packed shoulder to shoulder. Glad we made it there early.

Rachel fell asleep on the way home so we pulled into Wendy's for some lunch. Nicholas and I ate and played on the playground while Stuart stayed in the van to let Rachel finish her nap. Once she was up, she got to play on the swings for a little while.

She enjoyed looking at the fall leaves on the trees.

And she even gave Mama a kiss :)

We finally headed back home where everyone is resting now. But that's not all. Soon we'll be heading out again for service at Fellowship church and their Trunk-or-Treat celebration later tonight. Can't wait!

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